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Our veterinary surgeons are at the top of their respective fields, extremely experienced, and each have their own areas of specialist knowledge. As such, we often have patients referred to us from other surgeries.

If your pet is referred to us, they will receive the best available treatment. Our facilities allow us to handle more challenging cases, and our kennel space allows for animals of all shapes and sizes.

How Do Referrals Work?

Your vet will contact us and send all relevant information that we may need. Your pet will be assigned to one of our experienced vets, who will make an appointment to meet you.

Meet the Surgeons

Clive Swainsbury– BVetMed CertVR CertSAC MRCVS has a Certificate in Veterinary Radiology and Cardiology. Co-founder of the Forest Veterinary Centre, Clive has expertise in diagnostic imaging, cardiothoracic medicine and surgical procedures.

Glenn Bengtson– BVSc(Hons) MACVSc CertSAS MRCVS has a Certificate in Small Animal Surgery. He has expertise in Orthopaedics. Glenn also takes referrals for soft-tissue surgery and neurology.

At your appointment, you will discuss the case with one of our vets, and from there plan the best course of action. Once in our care, your pet will receive 24/7 care and attention from our veterinary staff, ensuring that we do everything to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible.


After treatment, you will continue to visit your normal surgery. Your personal vet will have received a full written report of any tests and procedures undertaken.

If you require any further follow-up treatment, this will be referred back to us.

Veterinary Professionals

Forest Veterinary Centre has been working in partnership with our colleagues in practice since it was established in 1984.

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The procedures which we are able to accept referrals in are:

For more information about our imaging procedures and our outpatient service please see below:

Out patient imaging advice sheet for referring vets MRI CT

MRI & CT December 18 price list

If you would like to request a patient MRI or CT please complete out patient request MRI CT form and we will contact you.

Feline Radioiodine (I131) Treatment Referral form for Vets 2018
Radioiodine Information for Referring Vets 2018
Client Information Sheet on Radioiodine (I131) Treatment for Hyperthyroid Cats 2018
Discharge Radioiodine 2018

Contact the radioiodine unit via email


Slocum TPLO, closing wedge osteotomy and other cruciate repairs
Luxating patellas
Simple and complicated fractures
Articular fractures
Wobblers syndrome
Lumbosacral disease
Spinal cord decompressive surgery (disc herniation)
Spinal trauma


Brachycephalic airway surgery
Total ear canal ablation
Laryngeal tieback
Extra-hepatic shunts
Tumour resection
Large skin deficit closure with transpositional and axial pattern flaps
Free skin grafting
Prostatic abcesses and cysts
Laparoscopic ovariectomy / cryptorchidectomy


In house MRI and CT
Colour Doplar Ultrasonography
Rigid Endoscopy
Video Endoscopy
Digital DR Radiography


Referral of medicine cases
24-hour nursing care


We offer case discussions even if they do not result in a referral appointment. We provide a free radiograph reading service and prompt telephone reporting to vets. We welcome visits from referring vets who are interested in observing or scrubbing in on their cases. We see cases as quickly as possible – emergency cases the same day, others by mutual agreement with the client. We aim to be reasonably priced considering the level of expertise.

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